Home is Where the Heart is
Home is Where the Heart is

Welcome to Turtle Surprises…….

This is a place so I can share what it is like seeing life through the eye of a turtle.  I decided to have a separate and special place to hold all my images as I wander about the place capturing moments in time.

I have always loved photography but have never given myself permission to take the time to actually get too involved. Life always seemed to get in the way. Since this is an official item on my “Don’t Wait – Just Do It” who am I to argue. http://wp.me/P3O6YT-8U.

Accepting my ‘new normal’ which means living with and not waiting to do from Secondary Breast Cancer [squatters] (and all it brings to my door) can indeed be a challenge.  I have just turned my attention to different things and photography is just one of them.  I do not need to be terribly mobile to take pictures and have been known to take my camera and turtle friends to hospital with me to shoot adventures!!! It is certainly a bonus when I get to escape and see parts of my State and the country..

Why do I love photography, well:
It allows me some ‘me’ time.
I get to have traveling adventures with my husband (as and when we can).
There are so many wonderful people I get to meet as I wander about the place.
I love sharing my pictures and telling stories about them
Challenging myself to improve the quality of my shots motivates me to just keep on going
and maybe, just maybe, one day have someone want to purchase a picture that I have taken because they love it so much.

My blog where I “Work It Out As I Go Along” is here https://p1nk66.wordpress.com/

P1nk66 TurtleJust as a small explanation – I have been a turtle since my SBC diagnosis back in 2012. During chemotherapy in 2013 I drew Hope D Super Turtle. She took ages as my son had to teach me how to use Photoshop and the Wacom board..  both of which I really could be better at!!

As a Turtle, I am very slow but will never ever stop. – Bonus is that taking photos is a slow and detailed activity. Perfect for a little pink turtle. 🙂


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