Eye Spy – Life Around us is Amazing

Eye Spy –  Life Around us is Amazing

Stop for just a moment and look around you.  Take the time and tell me what you discover.

Things are all around us and sometimes we totally miss them because we are too busy or absorbed in our daily clutter.

This morning I woke to an amazingly beautiful clear blue sky beaming with sunshine. It did not take too much thought and I decided that a cup of tea on the porch was in order.

As I sat with my puppies at my side. I looked around my yard.

I wish that 1. I had my camera with me right then and 2. that if I had that I could have caught the amazing display that I amazingly witnessed. My camera in video would have done the trick.  So a descriptive essay will have to do.

In stark contrast to the bright blue morning sky with the sunlight glistening and glaring down towards me I spied two very small birds. The contrast made them seem like fast moving shadow puppets. There was one glaring difference. As they performed their flutter dance the sunlight sparkled through their wings and it appeared as they had glitter all over them.

I believe they were indeed dancing and at very least chasing insects. Such an amazing thing to watch. So quick and so very graceful. It lasted for over 5 minutes when a Noisy Minor bird shot through the middle of them and disbursed them back into the hakea tree.  They then spent the next 10 minutes bouncing around the branches before once again that noisy minor turned up and dispatched them over the fence.

I then picked up my cup of tea and began to watch around the pond. The fish were busily checking the edges for bugs and there were at many white moths, beautiful orange and black butterflies and even a tiny metallic blue coloured dragonfly. All of them happily going about their business not stopping to say hello.  I then spotted some honey bees who were rather thirsty after flying about in the hot morning Sun and some native black wasps and next to them a black striped wasp (not European).

As I panned left I noticed a cloud of insects who were obviously having a bit of a party just darting about all over the place.

Then I saw him..  A little male blackbird. He had tucked himself into the corner of the small filter pond and was having a bath. Every so carefully watching to see what the dogs and I were doing.  Every day I find him here at some point. It must  good to live in  a place were there are  many worms and constant water.  The female was over the back under the wattle tree collecting what will be hundreds of worms for the day.  Why so busy? Well she finishes her collection and darts back up into the Celtic Cascade tree at the end of the deck where her hungry brood are waiting.

They are so very quiet that you can hardly hear them. But they are indeed there. Each year they are there. Why would you not take the risk of beating the dogs as you dart around the yard. Perhaps they even know that the crazy lady who lives near their tree puts up a wire barrier as the feathers begin to show on the babies so when they take their first tumble out the the nest the dogs cannot get to them and finally as they can fly they sit on top of the fence and fly away. We have quite good odds with this method (much to the dismay of the dogs, they really wish to ‘play’ with the birds. – sure they do!!!)

Hello Mum

All day, the parents take it in turns to feed the babies and I can see that this year there are three babies.  So here is a picture of the Mother as she sits so very still after seeing me and hopes I just go away. At the same time as I was setting up to try for the pictures, the Father was just under my feet darting back and forward making noise. Ignoring the possible danger from the dogs and obviously trying to lure me away from the babies.  So very brave!

New Babies--2.jpgThe little babies are easily tricked at the moment. There is a specific direction the parents fly in to feed them and when the branches move they all pop up like a ‘whack-a-mole’ game. So I set up and then snapped them as they waited. I can certainly say, the parents were not so impressed with my antics.

NOTE: This post was actually written as Day 10 of my Gratitude, Love and Living Challenge over at P1nk66 – Working it out As I go Along.  It just seemed to fit so very well with this weeks photo challenge. I hope to get more pics as the babies grow

Eye Spy – Weekly Challenge


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