Victory..  For me victory is getting up and achieving something everyday. No matter how small. Living with secondary breast cancer can be and usually is challenging each and every day.

I am only 49 and find myself restricted in what my body and I can achieve when it comes to activity. Since diagnosis I have been trying to retrieve my daily exercise regime but treatment and the squatters are a huge and continuous hurdle. I try not to allow it to stop me.

I may be one of the only people who use a fitbit to ensure I do not go over my daily limit of 5,000 steps (you do not want to see me the next day if I go over!! – it should also be said that there are many days that I get no where near 5,000 steps but I try not to dwell on these days) It is a number that over time I have discovered seems to be my ‘tipping point’.  I am currently on a short treatment break to give my body time to do a little resting and rebuilding to get ready for the next chemotherapy to start and I have taken the opportunity to try to up my steps..  A mini victory which has been hard the past week I have achieved an average of 6,383  whoo hoo.  I don’t look to the future to see if I can maintain this as I understand the reality of my movement all too well. I just keep on trying to keep moving.

I don’t have pictures of me at the top of a hill or running around the block. But I do have pictures of my little adventure to The Limestone Coast in South Australia and I am really pleased with them.

Firstly because I like the pictures and secondly because I may finally have accepted that to keep moving and have little adventures that I need regular pain medication (yes even writing that still makes me cringe but it is the only way forward for me – do what you need to do or just stay home and do nothing – no points for guessing what I am choosing)

As a footnote, it is because of my husband that I can take these little breaks. He is my rock and is always there to help me navigate rocks and steps and places that used to be so easy and done without thinking and now need care and planning and help to deal with. I even sometimes look and just say no. That in itself is a victory for me. No is not a word I usually am associated with.

So here are a few of my favourites from the weekend.. Hope you like them as much as I do.

The Umpherston Sinkhole and The Limestone Coast (The featured image is a billabong (dam really but billabong sounds so much nicer!!) on the side of the road that we stumbled across)


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