St Patrick’s Cathedral and Fitzroy Gardens

Last week I was lucky enough to find myself in the city and with a small window of time to wander over and photograph St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. It is a most peaceful and calming place and the hour or so I spent there and the pictures I took I am not sure have done it justice. But I would like to share them with you all (I plan to return on a sunny day and get the detail in the ceiling spaces inside!!). The yellow tinge inside is due to the yellow stained glass windows. They are yellow as when this cathedral was built there was no electricity and yellow encouraged more light to enter the structure.

This is a perfect post to show this weeks theme – “Ornate.”   (The Garden is just a bonus)

On the way back to the hotel I wandered through the Fitzroy Gardens.  All in all, a wonderful and relaxing few hours in Melbourne.  I totally enjoy being swept up in ‘the moment’ where only what you see is your focus.


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