From My Garden With Love

I have been unable to wander off on any little adventures just lately and so have been restricted to my front and back yard for short bursts during the week.  I need an adventure, I really do..  I am hoping to escape for just a few days soon..  OK I am easy pleased, even just one day..  fingers crossed it is soon.

I would like to thank Mr Ant and Mr Bug for their patience in the taking of their shots.  (no macro lens so it is as close as I could and then cropped down – I think I am getting better and clearer at the small things)

I am so very lucky to have Spring all around me and the flowers coming out to play.  I hope you enjoy the latest offerings from my garden

First, my little friends Adam and Burt…… (I know it needs to be a little crisper but I think the shots are improving with each attempt – yay)

And then the rainbow of flowers……


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