To Bee or Not to Bee…..

I have not been out and about much lately but had the chance to wander down to my apricot tree and take some shots of the busiest little bees around.

It is a huge achievement for me to be this close to bees for any amount of time as when I was only five and then again at six, I discovered the hard way that I am rather allergic to bees!..  I then spent the next 40 years trying to stop myself from always running away screaming whenever I saw one.  I was literally terrified of bees.  It took lots and LOTS of “bees are my friend” and “they are not out to hurt me” to get past this issue.  It almost seems silly now, but at the time, the fear was totally real.

Bees are so very important to our environment and I am finally comfortable that they are not out there plotting how they will sting me. They are my friends and I invite them into my garden by always looking for plants that they love.  I am even contemplating getting a bee hive so there are resident ‘bussy’ workers close by.

How things change!


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