From Every Angle – Coolart Homestead

On the weekend I wandered around the Coolart Estate and captured these pictures.

It was a little disappointing as when I got married here back in December 1988 we were not allowed to enter the homestead and have pictures taken on the stairs (which are beautiful) due to them not wanting too many people inside (would only have been the bridal party and the photographer but that is the luck of the draw I suppose.

I have tried a few times to return and take pictures of the staircase with no luck..  and on the weekend there with no rangers available the homestead was locked yet again.   So I was restricted to the outside of the home. I certainly had my heart set on the staircase from every angle, but a not too shabby plan B as  the homestead is a grand old lady and even if she is  showing her age just a little..  Black and white seemed the obvious choice to showcase the property.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From Every Angle.”


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