Today Was A Good Day

The more things change…..the more they.. well… change….   it just means that I look at them differently and act accordingly.

Being a “Super Turtle” certainly has its challenges (explanation is here) but when you place a camera in my hand for just a little while my “new normal” takes a back seat and nothing else clouds my thoughts.  I can just be me and enjoy the moment.. I thought I could take an OK picture but really never left the auto mode, even back in the SLR days I always took the easy road to taking a picture and never really learned a better way. I have just finished a ‘beginners course’ in photography and spent a day out practicing. Each day my confidence is growing and the setting up of the camera for shots is becoming more like second nature..  I am trying to make the camera an extension of my hands..  I know it will take time and I am hoping it will become evident the more I practice and post pictures.

On Saturday, I headed into my local area and hit the waterside locations..  They are hidden away and not the popular Westernport beaches they are small with little sand but they are peaceful and worth visiting..  At one location, there were people walking dogs, others eating lunch and one gentleman just sitting on the bench watching the world go by..

Jack’s and Woolleys Beach and Stony Point

The afternoon adventures did not take me more than a 10 km round trip from home and so as sunset was getting closer, it was off to Mornington (just a 60 km round trip) as there is just so much to practice on there..  I was so very fortunate that the Sun and the clouds put on the most amazing show and it seemed to be just for me (and not the steady stream of tourists/visitors that just kept on arriving).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent the day doing something I love, got to take in nature at its best yet again totally nailed the night lights showing as little stars (yes, some people are easily amused) and also took a new shot of the pier that was just noticeably so much better than the first..  Dinner was fish and chips and that meant zero dishes.. It was then a quiet night on the couch with my husband watching tv..

I hope you enjoy my pictures. They were relaxing and fun to take.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”


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