Mornington Shows Amazing Beauty

I had been running a little bit late and was watching the most amazing Sunset as I drove towards Mornington.  I was hoping that the twilight would not let me down and I was indeed not disappointed.  It was difficult to set the camera up and continue to look through the view finder as the beauty in front of me was something that just kept stopping me in my tracks.

It is times like this that I am so very glad I have picked up my camera and go on little adventures with it.

(Click on the first image and enjoy the show as if you were standing there watching the last of the Sun’s rays)

After the light had finally faded, I decided to begin to learn more about the night capabilities of my camera.  It was so very clear and became quite cold and on more than one occasion my lens fogged up.

Note to self. find my head-light, get fingerless gloves and most importantly DON’T forget to take my glasses.  All three things could and would have made my evening so much easier and I will not forget again.

Still so very much to learn but left the pier feeling as if I had more understanding than when I had arrived and know that I can continue to build on it.  These are my first attempts at night pictures and stars are certainly next on the list!!!

The settings on a camera can indeed be a minefield and it is easy to be daunted by them.. Each time I turn my camera on, I learn something new.  Currently I am undertaking a short set of classes with Derry Caulfield and she has a wonderful way of explaining it all.  I have already began to use information from class out in the field..  Derry has an amazing eye and takes the most beautiful landscapes.

I love my camera and I love taking photos. My aim is to continue to get out and about and enjoy every minute of it and at the same time improve the end results.


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