The Great Ocean Road – Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater

We had mixed weather on our weekend away.  The first day was sunny but very windy. The next day was even more windy and had bands of rain throughout the day and on the way home on the third day, we stayed one step ahead of the cold front that was on its way.

The entire weekend was a party for the eyes as no two pictures came up with the same colour and as the Sun danced out and then back behind the clouds, the variance was totally amazing. The cliffs and rocks exposed so many colours that it was hard to keep up. The ocean was everything from bright white where the waves were crashing to a blue grey when the clouds were in charge, a bright blue intertwining with turquoise when the Sun kissed the water and the most dramatic  deep black blue with amazing bright blue greens when the storm was approaching..

At Cape Bridgewater, we were at low tide and so the blowholes were quite but the time I took there was relaxing and invigorating as the storm front moved across the water and then tried to drown us out, only to leave not even five minutes later before the next storm rolled over the water.

The Petrified Forest (Scared Little Trees!!) were eerie and yet amazing at the same time. So still and so ancient and would never have seen what was coming.  The ones that are left stand guard over a landscape that is long gone but is certainly not forgotten.

The Cape Nelson Lighthouse stood tall and stark against the stormy sky. The cliffs before her were rugged and the water the deep blue black playing with the turquoise greens.

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

I am loving heading off for these short adventures and taking my camera with me and know that I have so much still to learn. So all of these pictures from The Great Ocean Road are a starting point, sort of a line in the sand and I hope that by the next time I go down there I will have learned so much more about my camera and how to take really amazing photos that make you take a breath and hold onto the moment.  That is indeed my aim and is my project..


Thanks for dropping by. So, what did you think?

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