The Great Ocean Road – Bay of Martyrs, London Bridge, The Crags and More

Here is the next installment with an overload of colours and contrasts

London Bridge (Arch) gave a magnificent show as the Sun began to set. These were taken just before we left to find The Bay of Martyrs

The Bay of Martyrs put on an amazing show – I have previously posted the sunsets from this amazing time Magical Sunset. The colours are unedited and exactly how they presented themselves..  Breathtakingly beautiful. These shots are the balance of the sunset time.

Earlier in the day, we had been at The Twelve Apostles, the weather was against us and the spray mist taking shots into the Sun was not a winning combination.  We discovered that they had hidden in my camera bag.  Who can stay mad at little turtles???  They certainly enjoyed themselves.. They loved the sheer size and beauty of the structures!

The next day, we stopped off at The Crags,  a group of rock formations that were rugged and sharp.  Again the light played with the colours of both the rocks and the water.


Thanks for dropping by. So, what did you think?

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