Fun Shot of the Week – Is That a Whale?

It is only natural that while you are wandering around The Great Ocean Road and find yourself in whale watching season that you wander over to Logan’s Beach at Warrnambool to see if there are any about. Logan’s Beach is a well known whale nursery and there are excellent viewing platforms and the beach itself is awesome.

It was a grey and overcast day and continuous bands of showers and rain arrived right through out the day. That was certainly not going to stop me and I was indeed very lucky and saw three adult whales and two not so tiny babies.

Logan's Beach Whale Spotting
Logan’s Beach Whale Spotting – Such a shame they were so quiet

Where my luck ran out was the fact that the whales were just hanging about and not playing. I waited and waited and unfortunately their playfulness did not improve and the potential for awesome shots was lost for the day.

While I was there it became quite obvious to me that it was a really good surf beach and even though it was around 7 degrees, there were at least half a dozen surfers in the water totally enjoying the waves and only a few meters away from where the whales were sitting just out of camera shot.

So I decided to take some shots of the waves and work on my shoot while moving skills a little more.. I was really pleased to come up with this little set of shots. (and a big thank you to the un-named well rugged up surfer who was my subject). I cannot help but think that his wetsuit was so thick that if he had of strapped on a scuba tank and went diving, it would have worked really well too!


Thanks for dropping by. So, what did you think?

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