Blue Moon at Flinders Pier

This is my first attempt at taking shots after the Sun has gone and the Moon has taken its place.

It was a last minute decision to throw the camera and tripod into the car the make the 25 minute trip down the Peninsula.  The closer we got the larger and the brighter the Moon seemed.  The cloud was starting to roll in and I had a wonderful time just pottering about snapping away until the clouds stole the Moon from me.  Yesterday was so very cold and extremely windy with so much rain. There would have been no chance of any pictures if the full moon was last night.  How very lucky that there was a window of opportunity of kind weather with little wind and no rain in sight, so I jumped at it.

The tide was out, the sky had amazing colours. I could not believe just what my Olympus was able to capture in low light.

I like these shots but know that I still have so much to learn about photography and my camera. So these are the starting point of night time photography. I figure I can only improve from here!!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did wandering about capturing them.  I am beginning to wonder if the adventure of finding photos to take is just as amazing as ending up with the best and most amazing photos.

Click on a photo to see at full size


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