The Great Ocean Road – The Most Magical Sunset

I am slowly going through pictures I took over the weekend (and yes, there were lots and lots taken) I will then present the ones that I love the best. But I just could not wait to get to that point. I really wanted to share the warmth and magic of this sunset.  My husband and I were so amazingly lucky to witness it.

We were on a few days away down The Great Ocean Road and had been very mindful by the lack of time available to just wait around looking for the perfect shot at The Twelve Apostles and even though the weather was the warmest and sunniest it had been in a while, the weather was indeed against us with a mist taking all clarity away from any shot I tried.  The amount of people made it difficult and yes, right at that moment I felt like a tourist as I shuffled down to the platform looking for a position to try to get a shot. It was indeed “selfie” heaven.

The Twelve Apostles
So late in the day the Sun showed up every drop of sea spray/mist that were surrounding the pillars. The true colours of the pillars were lost to the mist. No setting would change the reality of the day and with limited time in the area, the shot was lost to me (this time around)

All in all, the Twelve Apostles left me feeling deflated just a little as it was the one place I had decided to begin to learn more about my camera and how to make it an extension of me rather than just a “camera” that I take pictures with.

It was getting late and we did not really want to be traveling in kangaroo country after dark without a bull bar, so we set off towards Warrnambool.  We were not to far past the Apostles and the Sun decided to give us a show..  We tripped over The Bay of Martyrs as it was seriously close to the road.  The Sun was calling to us.  We watched as the Sun danced through and around the clouds, softly kissing the rock formations and taking what seemed like forever to sink below the horizon.   The mist/spray that had been my arch nemesis just down the road an hour earlier had become my friend by illuminating the colours that seem to float around the rocks.

The cloud looks like a curtain. Hiding the spectacular show that was about to begin. Beautiful colours, but nothing on what was about to present itself.
The show begins, and the Sun turns on the colours. The most spectacular colours ever!!!
Bay of Martyrs Nullawarre (nr Peterborough)
Tail end of the most magical Sunset. A total privilege to be there at the exact right moment to experience it

It filled me with a wonderful, warm and overwhelming feeling.  Such a magical sunset and I was lucky enough to be there to witness it..  I had suspected just how good it was going to be as a couple of locals were there perched on the bonnet of their vehicles chatting and watching.  They knew, and it seemed like something they had indeed done before.  What an amazing part of the world.

I will post pics from the trip just as soon as I sort through them all and get them named..


4 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road – The Most Magical Sunset

  1. Sharon, your pictures are so inspiring, I’m going to dust off my camera & head off to North Qld. on an adventue. Tms. down again so I’m ready to go.


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