Welcome Night Time Visitor

It was late, around 11.30pm and I should have been in bed a long time before this. Luckily I was not and was actually attempting to instruct a winter blow fly out of the house using the old “follow the light” trick.

It was then I saw him. Quietly sitting in the tree in the front yard.  A Tawny Frog Mouth.  Such a beautiful little fellow and extremely accommodating in allowing me to take a quick snap as he took a break from chasing the moths in the area.

Could not have asked for better on this brisk and clear night.

mmm, I cannot actually tell you if the fly got out or not, I lost concentration as I ran for my camera and flash!!  If he is not out, there is always “follow the light part 2” tonight.

Click to see full beauty of this lovely bird….

Young Tawny Frog Mouth Shot 1
Young Tawny Frog Mouth Shot 2

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