Sunrise, Over and Over

Just a short time ago for a week in mid March I was fortunate to arrange a home to stay in at Wattle Point, near Paynesville sitting on Lake Victoria (Gippsland Lakes).  Only about 3 hours from home. So very easy trip to get there. It was so very amazing as it was arranged through the Otis Foundation who arranges time away for those who have been or still are dealing with breast cancer.  The timing was perfect, time away with my husband. It was relaxing, enjoyable and allowed us to recharge our batteries. I am so very grateful for the wonderful people who support Otis . Thank you so very much.

Each morning we were greeted by the sun. The show it gave each morning had me sitting in total awe each day.  There had been a hazard reduction burn in the area and that left some smoke haze around.  The results of combining the two….. spectacular.  Here are three of the mornings we got to wake to.  There are no filters or special effects.  Just the camera seeing it just as beautifully as it was.

This was our first sunrise. The very first shot is actually a view that we had from our bedroom window!!!  It did not take very much to have me out of bed and wandering around to capture the amazing show that was taking place.

Who would have thought that so many beautiful colours could continue to arrive on the doorstep each day we were there.

This was our last morning. A totally amazing way to greet the day before having to pack and head for home.

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